The Thanksgiving Tree

The Thanksgiving Tree

The Thanksgiving Tree is an easy activity that sparks discussion and sweet sharing. I’ve used this activity at my Neighborhood Bible Study and for our family and friends Thanksgiving Day gathering.


Pictured is a twisted wire tree, a treasure I found poking around in a thrift store in Door County, Wisconsin. Feel free to replicate or fill a mason jar with a large bag of dried beans and a bunch of branches.


Cut out simple leaves in a variety of different fall colors, punch a hole at the top and thread it with jute or string to create a hanger.


Place the bare Thanksgiving Tree in the center of the group or table with a pile of cut out leaves lying around its base.


Read together Psalm 100 or your favorite thankful verses. Have each person take 5-10 leaves. Ask them to be quiet and reflect over this past year, then write down on each leaf specific things (option: attributes of God) they are most thankful for. Go around the room or table and have people share what he or she wrote on one of their leaves and then hang it on the tree. Continue circling until everyone has shared all his or her leaves around the tree, thanking God for His faithfulness and blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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