I am a type A personality. Only opposite.

I am a type A personality.  Only opposite.

 It is late September. One of my best friends just sent me this text. “Target has Christmas lights for sale.” She knew it would make me laugh. For you see I am a type A personality.  Only opposite.  In my life A=adrenalin lover (i.e. love doing things last minute…or down to the wire.)

The texts continued.

“Noooooo” I said with that many o’s.  “But maybe I should buy some now because they always run out.”

“That is what I was thinking too,” friend said.

“Naaaaa” I said with that many a’s. “…just can’t be that prepared.”

Friend says, “never have been…. so why start now.  Not as exciting to be that prepared.”

“Where is the thrill in being prepared?” my fingers texted back.

“Absolutely!” she said followed with a Christmas tree emoji.

Don’t you love a good friend who knows what will make you laugh, bring a smile, knows your personality and accepts you for who you are? 

Grace abounds in relationships like this. 

Sometimes I wonder if my neighbors have good friends. Do they have deep connections?  Are they loved for who they are?  Does someone know them well enough to make them laugh?

Or are some lonely?  Feel abandoned?  Misunderstood?  Isolated?

Praying for “community” in our neighborhood Bible study is top on my list.  Each week I ask the Lord for three things.

1.  That each of us would learn something from Him.

2.  That each person would contribute to our time together…that we would learn from one another.

3.  That laughter would fill the room.  “A cheerful heart is good medicine.”  Proverbs 17:22

 Last week I arrived a little late to Bible study (sometimes family “things” do this).  As I walked into the room I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed.  The room was filled with conversations and laughter.  Ladies were sharing recipes, kid issues, family trials, health concerns, etc.  The room was buzzing with community.  The room was “loud” with empathy.   The room was overflowing with God’s immense grace.  

The Lord has answered my prayers and continues to do so.

How about you?  How have you experienced community in your neighborhood?



Joan, with three teen sons and one preteen girl under her roof she is thankful for her husband and naps.  Between laundry loads and fixing beef you might find her in the McDonald’s drive thru ordering a coke with extra ice and a chocolate chip cookie …because this is her happy place.

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  1. Thanks for making my day! I had no idea I was a type “A”. Great words of encouragement.

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