Momma Sheep

Momma Sheep

Parenting never ends, but shepherding does…

When my oldest child entered high school, I found myself desperate for help! Many mornings I would pray and plead with God on her bedroom floor. I was so fearful and worried. Never had I sensed such a pull on her life toward following the world.

As I was crying, the Lord asked me, “Who is your shepherd?”  I replied, “Oh, You are.” Almost immediately I heard, “Who is Melissa’s shepherd?”  I caught myself beginning to say, “I am” and changed it to “You are.”  What transpired next literally transformed my view of parenting.

The Lord continued His sweet dialogue with me by asking, “If I am Melissa’s shepherd, who does that make you?” I replied, “Her momma sheep?”  Isaiah 40:11 says, “He will lead His flock like a shepherd. He will carry the lambs in His arms, holding them close to His heart. He will gently lead the mother sheep with their young.”

The more I meditated on the attributes of the Good Shepherd, the more I trusted Him. The momma sheep’s role was to stay close to Him, listen and follow Him in whatever He led me to do or say. It was the shepherd’s responsibility to watch over, guide and go after the lost and wandering sheep. When I felt myself becoming uptight, fearful and worried, needing to know and control my child’s life, it was a signal to me that I was taking on the role of the shepherd. I would immediately confess my sin, thank God that He was shepherd to both of us and choose to be her momma sheep instead.

What would it be like if you chose to be your child’s momma sheep rather than the shepherd? (Since then, I’ve discovered that I’m also just a spouse sheep, friend sheep and fellow follower of Christ sheep, not the shepherd.)

Who will you share this with today?

As Always, From my Heart,


Psalm 23:1;  28:9;  80:1;  95:7;  John 10;  Matthew 18:12-14

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