No One Ever Prayed for Me

No One Ever Prayed for Me

I grew up in rural Ohio, with the most gorgeous farmland in America.   Directions were given by cornfields, not by roads.  Houses were spread out by miles of fields. My school was 12 miles from my house; milk and bread were too.  I walked uphill in the snow….okay, just kidding…about the uphill thing.

Besides rote prayers with my parents, I don’t think anyone prayed for me.  I don’t ever remember someone asking me if I had any prayer requests.  In the rural church we attended, my Catechism teacher never opened and closed with prayer.  Did anyone ever pray for me by name?  Maybe your story is similar to mine?

I think praying for someone is one of the greatest privileges we have as Christians and it is one of the most loving things we can do.  Sometimes I wonder if some of my neighbors were like me and have never been prayed for.  Has anyone taken the time to pray for them?  Has their name ever been spoken before the throne of God?

Lord, I come before your throne and say the names Becky, Dawn, Brad, (you get the idea).  Show Your love to them today.  Bring the Gospel to their homes.  Bless their work.  Protect them and their children.

How about your neighbors?  Who is praying for them?

A simple prayer….might change their life….might change their eternity!


  1. Beautiful blog, Joan! God has put on my heart to start a neighborhood Bible Study this spring. I plan to begin with a Christmas Tea this December. You have encouraged me to begin praying by name for the women in my neighborhood, although I don’t know many because we just moved in this summer. I am certain this website will be an encouragement to me!

  2. Great Blog with an encouraging message!

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