Steppin Up & Steppin In… The Hot Tub

Steppin Up & Steppin In... The Hot Tub

How I came to baptize someone in a hot tub…

Leading a neighborhood study can direct you into some unchartered waters…like the time I was asked to baptize one of our girls in the middle of winter!  Well, I am not a pastor or clergy person of any kind.  I don’t wear a robe or a collar; I don’t sing in a choir or alone; and I don’t baptize people!   So, I said NO.  I WILL NOT DO THAT!  I AM NOT QUALIFIED.  But, she persisted.  My sweet Iranian friend, who had come to know Christ at my table, and the fellowship of the Saints at our neighborhood Bible study, would not give up.

So, I began looking for Scripture to show her why I could not possibly baptize her.  When I failed to find it, I began asking my more versed friends why I could not baptize her.  When they failed to tell me, I began asking God to show her why I could not be the one.   Well, the Word, my friends, and our God all failed me on this one.   When at last she began pleading with me with those beautiful liquid brown eyes and in that lyrical soft voice (Lisa comes out Leeza, so much better), I caved in.  You would have too!  And, we began planning a baptism in our study!

Without a baptismal, where do you go?  There were too many of us to crowd into a bathroom for a good dunking.  And it was too cold to go into the lake.  So, we decided on one of the girl’s outdoor hot tubs, and set a date!

And what a date we had!  We all gathered around her and prayed.  We read Scripture to her and over her.  We laughed and we cried.  And then, she and I stepped up and into that hot tub, and I had the awesome privilege of baptizing her, based on her profession of faith in Jesus as her Lord and Savior, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I will never forget it.  Though I do not remember exactly what I said, I will never forget the feeling of having my hands on my Sister, guiding her body into the water, and lifting her up again.  My heart was so full.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Maybe I will start wearing a robe…would make getting dressed much simpler!


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  1. My dearest friends and sisters,
    I am humbled by all your kindness through all these years. I am also so grateful to god for bringing Lisa and all of you in my life. Such a day was that day. So many things happened since then, but one thing never changed, and that is my love for Jesus. I want all of you to know that if it was not for your beautiful hearts and kindness, I never could be in that hot tub. I never forget that day. I called Lisa 7 am in the morning and said “Hi Lisa, I think I have always been a Christian. I want to get baptize, and I want you do it and no one else!” My poor dearest Lisa was quiet for some seconds, and then she said she will find a right person and place for me to do it. But, of course I was very stubborn about it. All I knew in my heart that I want to follow Jesus, and I want Lisa be the first person to baptize me. I think it took for at least a entire week or more for her to finally say “Yes”
    Now, many years passed, my two beautiful boys are so devoted to god, going to church every week.! Who would have thought of that?
    Please know that I love you all, and i will never forget your kindness

  2. The beautiful fruit of a neighborhood Bible study… Only God thinks of that!

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