Blessed for my Faithfulness

Blessed for my Faithfulness

Blessed For my Faithfulness

You may be asking…so why would I continue to lead a study if only one or two women are coming?  Isn’t that a waste of my time?  Good question!  After all, you are busy, right?  You could be doing other things.  You could be making a bigger impact somewhere else.  Maybe your church could use you to teach a class or organize a mission.  Maybe your pastor needs your advice on sermons or church discipline or what is going on in the children’s programs.  Maybe … well, you get the point.   So, why indeed would you continue to lead for only a few?

May I suggest that your faithfulness with a few, may lead to God’s biggest blessings for you?  That is what happened to me…I began leading an evening study in my neighborhood.   We met in our clubhouse, around a small table, just the three of us!  Occasionally, there were four of us; once even five.  But, most weeks it was just us three: Betsy, Mary, and me.   And we studied and prayed together and loved each other through that season.  But, that wasn’t the big blessing; that was just the byproduct of being in the Word together.   The big blessing came later, when I could no longer meet in the evenings because of my children’s various sports schedules.

I did not want to leave Betsy and Mary without an evening study to plug into, so I began looking for one for them!  (No, I didn’t tell them I was doing this.)  I found one in a nearby neighborhood, and in doing so, I met a woman who would later introduce me to the Pastor of an orphanage that I have come to adopt!  Yes, I have adopted an orphanage...  Crazy, right?   Well, not if you know our God.  He had told me years earlier that that was what I was to do—adopt an orphanage—which is another story for another day.  The point here is that if I had not continued to lead just the two, and had I not come to love them and feel obligated towards them, I would not have gone looking for another study in another neighborhood,  and I would not have met this particular woman at this particular time, and I would not have found my orphanage.   Of course, God could have hooked us up another way, but He chose to bless my faithfulness by leading me to them this way.   And, in leading me to them this way, I can rest in the assurance that this is God’s call and purpose for me, and that is the biggest blessing in the world!

So, will He give you a whole orphanage full of children to love?  Probably not.  He has something else in store for you!  Maybe something bigger!  And, it may just be the Bible study group you have always dreamed about—one like mine, filled with wonderful, women who love the Lord and each other.   Because if you are faithful with a few, He will put you in charge of many.


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