Weary in the Waiting? Try Welcoming!

Weary in the Waiting? Try Welcoming!


Weary in the waiting? Try welcoming. 

Waiting….it’s something not many of us do very well.

For years I waited, prayed, claimed God’s promises, fasted and prayed some more. Things remained the same year after year….my prodigal child was still wandering, and I was becoming weary in the wait!

While meditating on Hebrews 11:13, God spoke directly to my weariness and gave my waiting “wings” as described in Isaiah 40:28-30. The verse follows with my thoughts in italics.

All these faithful ones died without receiving what God had promised them, (Wow, if these great heroes of the faith didn’t live to receive all God’s promises to them, who am I to demand to receive it in my lifetime?) but they saw it from a distance (Yes, I could clearly see, by faith, from a distance, my prodigal child’s return.) and welcomed the promises of God. (Here is where I was absolutely stunned and prayed, “Father, please teach me what it means to welcome Your promises in my child’s life.”)

The very next week my brother’s family was coming for a visit. The excitement I had in their coming visit energized me as I prepared to welcome them into our home. I didn’t worry or pray for them to get to my house faster….I just enjoyed waiting and anticipating our time together.

This experience began to teach me how to welcome God’s promises. My prayers turned from, (Father, please return my child, I beg you to do whatever it takes) to welcoming (Thank You, Father, for what You are doing in my child’s life that I cannot see, feel or experience).

Is there a promise God has given you that He wants you to try welcoming?

Who is a friend who is weary in their waiting? Give them the wings of welcoming!

John 4:46-54;  6:56;  Romans 4:20-21;  Hebrews 11:8-16


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