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Fresh Stories

  • Lord, don't I need new furniture?
    Lord, don’t I need new furniture?
    And in today’s story, the key to a successful neighborhood Bible study is an old, sunken in couch. Just as we promised here is Part 2 of Nancy Samra’s story. Part 1 was posted Monday, December 5th.   Scene 3: My husband built the houses we lived […]...
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Fresh Encouragement

  • Tears Filled Her Eyes: Fresh Idea for a Sweet Valentine's NBS
    Tears Filled Her Eyes: Fresh Idea for a Sweet Valentine’s NBS
    As a facilitator of a neighborhood Bible study for nine years now, I am continually looking for fresh ideas. If the Lord is creative enough to design butterflies and the zebra, certainly He can give me creativity with the women in my Bible study! It’s a well known fact that for Valentine’s Day, […]...
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Fresh from Debbie’s Heart

  • Seven Weeks, 12,000 Miles and Eight Flat Tires
    Seven Weeks, 12,000 Miles and Eight Flat Tires
    When I was a child, our family loved to travel, camp and explore God’s creation. One summer we had one of those vacations of a lifetime!  For seven and a half weeks, we traveled 3,000 miles from Michigan to Alaska and back. Mid-summer, the four of us […]...
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