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Fresh Stories

  • Are You a Giver or a Taker? Are You a Giver or a Taker?
    Her eyes were locked out the airplane window taking it all in. Flying out of LaGuardia and getting panoramic views of Manhattan is breath-taking, but I was a little confused about why this 26-year-old advertising agency account executive had gone from extra talkative to silent. Then I […]...
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Fresh Encouragement

  • The Time I Wore Flip Flops to Easter Sunrise Service The Time I Wore Flip Flops to Easter Sunrise Service
    As we joined the congregation early last Easter morning, our flip flops smacked the aged wooden floor loudly. My children, still sporting pajamas and raging bedheads, had already descended upon the donut holes and hot chocolate. They giggled wildly at their mutual good fortune of extra sugar before proper breakfasts. The pianist played a […]...
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Fresh from Debbie’s Heart

  • A Split-Second Revelation A Split-Second Revelation
    How much fruit can your branch hold? A revelation came to me during prayer….I mean, a true lightning bolt, split-second revelation! Burdened, exhausted and overwhelmed with the work God had called me to do… I was literally at a breaking point. Ever felt that way? Maybe right […]...
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