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Fresh Encouragement

  • Wipe Out: Hear Your Father’s Voice Wipe Out: Hear Your Father’s Voice
    Wipe out! It’s just part of learning to snow ski, but it’s not the hardest part of the sport. Getting up again is the biggest challenge! We took our daughters snow skiing for the first time recently. Toward the end of the day, my husband took the […]...
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Fresh from Debbie’s Heart

  • That “Aha” Moment: Toothpicks Vs. Nails That “Aha” Moment: Toothpicks Vs. Nails
    Once again, the women are curious! Reaching into a baggie, I pull out a toothpick. The women in the Bible Study wonder what story, illustration, or word picture I’m going to share today. I pass the baggie to Dottie sitting next to me, who passes it to […]...
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