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Fresh Stories

Fresh Encouragement

  • Why Did They Have to Die? Why Did They Have to Die?
    In the past four months, two of my loved ones have passed away — an uncle in September and a friend in December. In my humanness, I think that both were too young to part. Yet, I know God has a plan. There are no mistakes. Reminders […]...
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Fresh from Debbie’s Heart

  • That “Aha” Moment: Toothpicks Vs. Nails That “Aha” Moment: Toothpicks Vs. Nails
    Once again, the women are curious! Reaching into a baggie, I pull out a toothpick. The women in the Bible Study wonder what story, illustration, or word picture I’m going to share today. I pass the baggie to Dottie sitting next to me, who passes it to […]...
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