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  • The Next Thing: Pat's Story The Next Thing: Pat’s Story
    Late last summer while turning into the entrance to our neighborhood, I had a fleeting feeling of guilt for not showing a desire to know my neighbors better. After all, I have lived here for 10 years, and I couldn’t tell you much about most of my neighbors. But […]...
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Fresh Encouragement

  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name Where Everybody Knows Your Name
    Where do you belong?  Where do you fit in? These are lifelong questions that everyone on planet earth asks themselves at some point or another. Sometimes my husband and I talk about the beer “Bible studies” that happen on Friday nights in local bars. Do we really think that […]...
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Fresh from Debbie’s Heart

  • If You Don't Come Apart, You Will Come Apart If You Don’t Come Apart, You Will Come Apart
    During these days of a more relaxed summer schedule, we wanted to republish Debbie’s post about “Coming Apart” and spending time alone with God. Enjoy! I often wonder … what if my desire to listen to God equaled His longing to speak personally with me? Listening prayer for me is simply […]...
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